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American slang/expressions

Post by Lioness on Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:14 am

Alright, here is a list of phrases and words that Americans use a lot. I don't use all of them but I've heard other people.

Cool- means "great" or "that's pretty interesting"

What's up - means "hello", or "what are you doing?"

That's cheesy - means "that's lame" or "that's cheap"

Jacked - for example, "you've been jacked." It means something has been stolen from you.

Croak - means "to die"

Cut out - means "to leave"

dough - means "money"

A drag - means "boring"

fox/foxy - means "sexy"

Hyped up - means "excited"

In deep- for example, "They're so in deep with each other" It means "very in love"

Jam - example, "You're in a jam now." It means "in trouble"

John - means "bathroom" or "toilet"

Knocked up - means "pregnant"

Mellow out - means "relax"

Nuke - means "heat up in a microwave" or can mean "nuclear bombs"

Rathole - example, "living in a rathole." it means "a home with a lot of trash or mess"

A riot - example, "that was a riot." It means "really funny"

That rocks - means "awesome"

Hit the sack - means "go to sleep"

Scarf - example, "The boy scarfed that down." It means to "eat quickly"

Screw up - means "make a mistake"

Sharp - means "intelligent"

That sucks - means "how unfortunate." People also say, "that stinks", "that blows", and "that bites"

Veg out - means "relax and do nothing"

Wangster/wanksta or wigger - white gangster, or people will say "look at that wanksta, tryin' to act black" It's more of a racist term. Here's a picture of what some people would call a wanksta, Click here

And there are a lot more, but I can't think of anymore. I will add to this as I think of stuff. Alright? I hope I was helpful.

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